Welcome to Off Beat Yoga!

Here at Off Beat Yoga we offer one-on-one and small group sessions to people of all shapes, sizes, shades and origins…

Do you feel challenged to find time to practice yoga when you are traveling? Finding time to exercise when you are away from home on business is a sure fired way to create illness, exhaustion or burnout. Especially when on business, you may only have certain times you can squeeze in a practice between meetings and other events. Often, you are without transportation, so finding a yoga studio near enough AND offering a time when you can make it, can be aggravating.

Injuries convincing you yoga is impossible for you? Ive worked with people of all shapes, sizes and… injuries. Check out Dennis on our FAQ page. Hes not letting anything top him. *All images used with permission. 

Do you want to try yoga, but are challenged to find the right studio and/or teacher for you? With all the different styles and teachers, finding the right blend of ingredients to get the most benefit from your practice can quickly overwelm your senses. Leaving you heading to the fridge for some Ben and Jerry’s, feeling frustrated.

Are you shy about being a beginner in a group class?  It is totally natural to feel uncomfortable getting on the [yoga] mat with a room full of strangers. Totally, natural. Did we mention that it is natural to be uncomfortable.You are ok.

The answer to all of these questions? Off Beat Yoga!!